Vascular Access Specialists

  • Registered Nurses with over 15 years of Infusion Experience
  • PICC Insertion Certified RN's
  • Ultrasound technology for improved success rates
  • Services available to Hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, and outpatient surgical centers...
  • Services Offered

    Vascular Access Specialists will work with the facility's Staff or Education Department to train for early assessment, evaluation of IV needs, PICC line care and management.

    Other services we offer:
  • PICC Line Insertions
  • Mid Line Insertions
  • Peripheral IV Insertions
  • PICC Line Exchange and Repair
  • Declotting of PICC and all types of Central Venous Catheters
  • PICC Education inservices on care and maintenance
  • Patient Education on Care and maintenance of PICC line at home

  • PICC Advantages

    Having An Experienced IV Team Available Without Removing Staff Nurses From The Bedside.

    Hospital Staff Will Not Be Tied Up Re-Starting Difficult IVs On Patients With Compromised Or Poor IV Access.

    Increased Patient And Staff Satisfaction

    Low Cost Bedside PICC Placement

    Increased Line Placement Success Rate At The Bedside

    Decreased Overall Cost Compared To Lines Started In Radiology Department

    Decreased Overall Patient Length Of Stay (LOS) Due To Decreased Delay In Treatment

    Frees Up Intervetional Radiology Suites For DRG Reimbursed Procedures

    Who should Receive a PICC?

    A patient with:

  • IV therapy for 6 days or more
  • Compromised venous access
  • Poor peripheral dwell times
  • Prolonged duration of antibiotics
  • IV therapy with a solution of serum osmolarity >500 mOsm/L
  • pH <5 or >9
  • irritating / vesicant therapy, such as Vancomycin.
  • Piperacillin
  • TPN with Dextrose content >10%
  • Protein concentrations >5%
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